Wildfire in Yuba County, CA

UPDATE: Fire burned for almost 10.000 acres and is now 100% contained.

UPDATE: At least 60 people are still reported missing. The death toll has risen to 42.

UPDATE: The Yuba County Fire burned for almost 10.000 acres and is now 98% contained.

UPDATE: Progress has been made as three fires have been 100% contained by the crews: the Gypsum Canyon Fire in Orange County, the Wilson Fire in San Diego County, and the York Fire in Monterey County. Blazes are still active and dangerous in most parts of Northern California.

UPDATE: 32 people have died and nearly 222,000 acres were burned in the wildfires.

UPDATE: At least 31 people have been killed in the California wildfires. More than half of them were in Sonoma County. Officials are calling this "one of the worst natural disasters in California history."

UPDATE: The fire is about 45% contained.

UPDATE: Around 550 people are reported missing. The deathtoll has risen to 21.

UPDATE: At least 17 people are confirmed dead, while an estimated 2,000 buildings are destroyed or damaged by the fires.

UPDATE: Over 100 people are reported missing.

UPDATE: At least 11 people have died in the California wildfires. The Atlas Fire has spread on more than 8,000 acres. Over 20,000 people have now been evacuated. 1,500 homes and businesses have been destroyed.

UPDATE: The fires have burned more than 68 square miles.

UPDATE: Governor Jerry Brown has declared a State of Emergency as the fires burn across Northern California. Strong winds are helping the flames spread.

UPDATE: Cascade Fire in Yuba County has reached 5,000 acres, Cherokee Fire in Butte County has reached 1,000 acres, while Lobo Fire in Nevada County has reached 500 acres.

A wildfire is sweeping Yuba County, CA, being one of several wildfires that are now active in Northern California.

The fire has spread to at least 5,000 acres. Evacuation orders are in place not only on Yuba, but in neighboring counties Butte and Nevada as well.

Several homes and buildings have already been destroyed.

Highway 20 is open and should be used as an evacuation route.


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