Wildfire in the Lombardy region of Italy

wildfire in the lombardy region of italy


UPDATE: The army has been called in to assist the fire fighters.

Switzerland and Croatia have sent aircraft to help Italian firefighters as well.

UPDATE 2: A state of emergency was declared for Lombardy and Piedmont region

UPDATE: More than 600 people were evacuated as firefighters are trying to tackle the flames. One person was reported dead.

A forest fire is burning near Varese in the Lombardy region of Italy. Hundreds are being evacuated as firefighters are trying to contain the flames.

There are no reports of injuries yet, but the smoke is fueling the smog that has been covering the northern Italy for days.

ARSON is being considered as a the main cause for some of the fires, but this season's unusually dry weather also helps the flames spread.

A state of emergency is yet to be declared.


Updates to follow.

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