Wildfire in Galicia, Spain and Portugal



UPDATE 7: At least 44 people were killed by the wildfires in Portugal and Spain. 71 people were injured, with 14 of those in serious condition. All active fires in Portugal have been fully contained. In Spain, there are still some active fires, but none of them are considered a threat to residents.

UPDATE 6: Death toll rises at 41 persons and seven people are missing. 15 major wildfires had been brought under control. A state of emergency was declared across Portugal all areas north of the Tagus River. There are 50 active fires in Portugal and a similar number in Spain.

UPDATE 5: At least 40 people have died in the fires. The fire crews are still fighting the blazes, but the rain and low temperatures are making their jobs easier.

UPDATE 4: At least 39 people are dead and at least 63 people injured, with 16 in serious condition.

UPDATE 3: At least 30 people are dead, while many others are injured or reported missing. More than 500 fires are active and some of them were deliberately started.

UPDATE 2: At least 3 people have died in Spain, as the winds from Hurricane Ophelia help spread the fires.

UPDATE 1: 350 fire brigades backed by 200 soldiers are battling 17 major wildfires in the region. Residents with buckets joined police and firefighters in the streets to fight blazes as they spread through the city.

Several fires are active in Galicia, Spain and northern Portugal, burning more than 4,000 hectares. The fire is aggravated with high temperatures, drought and strong shifting winds.

For now, firefighters are battling the blaze and they say that most of the forest fires are either started deliberately, or through negligence – such as starting bonfires or throwing down cigarette ends in extremely dry areas of countryside.

Two firemen died whilst tackling the fire.

Cities that are reported to be in danger: Vigo, Baiona, Pedrogao Grande, Viseu, Vouzela, Penacova, Coimbra, Oliveira, Serta, Nelas.


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