Wildfire in Atlas Peak, Napa County, California




UPDATE 22: Redwood Valley Fire (Mendocino Lake Complex) is now 100% contained. Bear Fire (Santa Cruz County) is 95% contained. Atlas Fire (Southern LNU Complex) is 97% contained. Nuns Fire(Oakmont, Norrbom, Adobe, Pressley, Patrick) is 94% contained, Sulphur Fire (Mendocino Lake Complex) is 99% contained. Pocket Fire (Central NLU Complex) is now 94% contained.

UPDATE 21 : A considerable breakthrough was made lately by the fire crews. Several wildfires are almost contained: Sulphur Fire (Mendocino County) is 99% contained; Pocket Fire (in Sonoma County) is 92% contained; Tubb Fire between Calistoga and Santa Rosa (Napa and Sonoma county) is 97% contained.

UPDATE 20: The fire is now 51.624 acres and 95% contained. 481 structures were destroyed and 90 were damaged

UPDATE 19: The fire is now 51.624 acres and 93% contained. Some residents are allowed to return to their homes. The firefighters are still working throughout the fire area.

UPDATE 18: The fire is now 51.624 acres & 87% contained.

UPDATE 17: At least 60 people are still reported missing. The death toll has risen to 42.

The Atlas Fire (Napa County) has spread for 51.000 acres and is now 77% contained.

UPDATE 16: Progress has been made as three fires have been 100% contained by the crews: the Gypsum Canyon Fire in Orange County, the Wilson Fire in San Diego County, and the York Fire in Monterey County. Blazes are still active and dangerous in most parts of Northern California.

UPDATE 15: 35 people have died and nearly 222,000 acres were burned in the wildfires.

UPDATE 14: The fire is now 48.228 acres and 27% contained.

UPDATE 13: At least 31 people have been killed in the California wildfires. More than half of them were in Sonoma County. Officials are calling this "one of the worst natural disasters in California history."

UPDATE 12: The fire spread for 43.762 acres and is 3% contained as of now.

UPDATE: On Wednesday, the death toll rose at 24 people Mandatory evacuation was issued for parts of eastern Sonoma Valley, including Castle Road and 7th Street East north of Lovall Valley Road.

UPDATE 11: Around 550 people are reported missing. The death toll has risen to 21.

UPDATE 10: At least 17 people are confirmed dead, while an estimated 2,000 buildings are destroyed or damaged by the fires.

UPDATE 9: Over 100 people are reported missing.

UPDATE 8: At least 13 people have died in the California wildfires. The Atlas Fire has spread on more than 8,000 acres. Over 20,000 people have now been evacuated. 1,500 homes and businesses have been destroyed.

UPDATE 7 : Four people are now reported dead and thousands flee California fires.

UPDATE 6: The fires have burned more than 68 square miles.

UPDATE 5: Governor Jerry Brown has declared a State of Emergency as the fires burn across Northern California. Strong winds are helping the flames spread.

UPDATE 4: Tubbs Fire in Napa has reached 20,000 acres, while the Atlas Fire has reached 5,000 acres.

UPDATE 3: Force Evacuations In Butte, Napa, Nevada, Sonoma, Yuba Counties

UPDATE 2: Santa Rosa is under mandatory evacuation.

UPDATE 1: Tubbs Fire has reached  27.000 acres and destroyed over 500 structures.  Atlas Fire has reached 25.000 acres, destroying 125 structures and threatening over 4500 structures.


The California Firefighters are battling two major fires in Napa County, California.

The fire in the hills above Napa, which spread across 200 acres, prompted evacuation.

The blaze was burning off Atlas Peak Road, south of Lake Berryessa, in the hills above Napa.

The second fire, which involved evacuation, is burning near Calistoga and Santa Rosa,  from the area of Knights Valley in Sonoma County to Tubbs Lane in Napa County, according to the Napa County Sheriff's Office.


Several mandatory evacuation are for homes in Atlas Peak Road, including Silverado Country Club; Knights Valley to Tubbs Lane in Calistoga; Patrick Road; Monticello Road to Circle Oaks Subdivision and Soda Canyon Road.


The National Weather Service had issued a red flag warning for the Bay Area early Sunday, predicting gusty winds and dry conditions. Gusts were predicted to be in the 30 mph range in the area of the fire

The officials reported that the condition of spreading the fire are very volatile.

UPDATE: At least two hospitals have been evacuated.


Updates to follow

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