Togo - Demonstration Alert


UPDATE: Healtcare workers joins the rest of the demonstration holding opposition protests on the street. Public schools and primary schools teachers are also on the strike, demanding an increase in their salary

Togo - Demonstration Alert

Location: Announced gathering points in Togo include:
    Lome, Atikoumé/Akossombo (northwest Lome)
    Lome, ETS CCP (northern Lome)
    Lome, Bè Gakpoto (northeast Lome)

Demonstrations expected to take place Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday – January 31, February 1, and February 3 – beginning in the morning and continuing until the early evening.
Opposition political parties intend to protest against the Togolese government. Recent protests have encountered a strong police/security force presence.
If marchers deviate from approved routes, police often use crowd control methods such as tear gas.

U.S. government advices to avoid downtown Lome on protest days.


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