Terrorist attack in Edmonton, Canada


     Police are investigating two incidents as an act of terrorism in Edmonton, after a man struck a police officer with a car, before stabbing him. After that, the suspect, plowded a truck into pedestrians on a busy street injuring at least four people. The driver attacked and stabbed the officer several times. In the car was an ISIS flag, which has been seized as evidence.

     The suspect is in custody of the Edmonton Police Service. Chief Rod Knecht said that the authorities believes that the man acted alone, but there are possibilities that other might be involved in the attack. Five chrages are expected to be filed along with dangerous driving, possession of a weapon and attempted to murder.

     The Mayor of Edmonton, Don Iveson, urged residents to remain calm and added that this attack was a so called "lone wolf attack". Multiple sources are saying that ISIS member attempted to run specifically over Football fans.

     The injured officer was taken to the Hospital, but his wounds are not life-threathening. The four pedestrians's condition in still unknown.


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