Storm Brian raging towards the United Kingdom

UPDATE: Storm Brian has passed and is moving away from the UK.

UPDATE 2: Torrential rains and powerful gusts are expected to combine with spring tide, bringing a high risk of flooding for vulnerable areas in Plymouth.

UPDATE: Strong wind warning are in place all over Britain, including Wales, south England and the Midlands.

Six flood warnings for England, urging "immediate action".

Dangerous conditions to be expected that could coincide with high tides, that can cause local hazardous conditions in costal parts.

Storm Brian is about to hit the west coast of England with powerful 70 mph winds and huge waves. A Yellow Weather Alert is now in place for most of England.

Flash floods are to be expected.

Brian is caused by a “weather bomb” of low pressure in the Atlantic Ocean.

Regions affected by the Yellow Alert: Wales, the Midlands, South West, South East, North West and Eastern England.

The Yellow Alter is to stay in place until after midnight, on Saturday.

Updates to follow.

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