More than 50 dead and hundreds injured in Las Vegas armed attack


UPDATE: LVMPD Sheriff Joseph Lombardo stated that more than 58 people died and over 515 were injured in the Las Vegas concert attack.

He also confirmed that police found the attacker dead on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel.

Authorities are actively searching for shooter’s roommate, an Asian woman named Marilou Danley, height 4’11 inches. Lombardo is also asking the public to provide any video material that could help withe the investigation.

The gunman has been identified by the law enforcement officials as Stephen Paddock, age 64, a resident of Mesquite, Nevada. Paddock committed suicide after the attack. His body was found surrounded by "at least 10" firearms.


Police are investigating multiple reports of an active shooter near the Mandalay Bay Casino in Las Vegas.

There was a sense of chaos earlier as people were running for safety. Multiple people have been shot.

A few artists who were performing at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival have also reported hearing gunshots.

Multiple casualties have been reported at the Route 91 Harvest country music festival, where the crowd was shot at. Festival goers started to run away and some may have been hurt in the trampling,

A local hospital spokesman declared two dead and 24 people wounded. with at least 14 in critical condition.These numbers are expected to grow.

At least two policemen were shot. 

A witness told an ABC reporter that "They were firing from somewhere high, and they were unloading clip after clip after clip after clip." He said that there were "hundreds of shots" and that "there had to be more than one shooter". Reports say that two gunmen were shooting form the 32nd floor of the hotel.

Social media videos showed show hundreds of people fleeing from the scene. 

The Las Vegas Police Department stated that "one suspect is down." At this time, they do not believe that there are any more shooters.

Las Vegas Blvd. is currently shut down at the Tropicana. A part of the Interstate 15 is also closed. A tactical team has been set up on the perimeter.

Police were also investigating what has been reported as a “suspicious device” outside the Luxor Hotel.

The McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas has temporarily halted its flights. 


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