Hurricane Nate strikes Louisiana and Mississippi

Hurricane Nate trajectory






Hurricane forming and expected to be heading toward landfall in the northern Gulf Coast. The maximum sustained winds are now up to 90 mph.

Warnings are in place from Grand Isle, La to the Alabama Border with Florida, this includes the city of New Orleans.

At the same time the mayor of the Crescent City has issued mandatory evacuations for this part of the region.

Hurricane Nate is now a Category 2 storm with 90-105 mph sustained winds. Conditions will deteriorate through the afternoon and Saturday night.

Severe coastal flooding, and torrential rain are likely.


UPDATE: Hurricane Nate makes landfall in Louisiana and Mississippi.

UPDATE: Nate has weakened to a Tropical Storm with 70MPH winds. Heavy rain and strong winds are to be expected.

UPDATE: Nate is now downgraded to a tropical depression. It's winds has dropped to 35 mp and the water level from storm surge in areas along the Gulf Coast are gradually subside.


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