Heavy snowfall creates chaos in Austria

Austria's meteorological service has issued A Red Alert for heavy snowfall in several parts of Austria.
According to the forecast, more snow is expected this week, with up to 60 cm possible in Niederösterreich, Oberösterreich, Salzburg, Steiermark, Tirol, Vorarlberg. In addition, wind gusts of up to 80 km/h are possible in Vienna. The warning is in effect from today through through Friday morning, 1/11/2019
An Orange Alert, valid from today through Friday morning, 1/11/2019,  for heavy snowfall has been issued for Osttirol, with a possible additional snow accumulation of up 30 cm.
Up to 1.5 meters (five feet) of snow has fallen in central and north Austria since the middle of last week, with up to three meters accumulating in the mountains around Salzburg, Austria's meteorological service said.

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