Flood Warning in Southeastern Louisiana

The National Weather Service has issued a Flood Warning in Southeastern Louisiana, USA.
The Flood Warning continues for The Mississippi River at Baton Rouge.
Major flooding is occurring and MAJOR flooding is forecast. At 8:00 PM Sunday the stage was 43.9 feet. The official flood stage is 35.0 feet.
The river is expected to continue rising until cresting at or near 44.0 feet by Wednesday, 3/13/2019.
IMPACT: At stages of 43.0 feet, shipping and industrial activities are significantly affected. Unprotected low-lying areas will be flooded and agricultural operations will be impacted on the west side of the river. The city of Baton Rouge is protected by levees at this level.
At stages 40.0 feet, the grounds of the older part of Louisiana State University`s campus become soggy. This includes the area around the Veterinary Medicine building, the Veterinary Medicine Annex, the stadium and ball fields. The city of Baton Rouge and the main LSU campus are protected by levees at this level.
At stages 38.0 feet, river traffic and industrial activity on the river side of the levees will be greatly affected. Navigational safety regulations will be strictly enforced.
The alert area covers East Baton Rouge; West Baton Rouge.
The warning remains in effect until further notice.


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