Flood Warning in Houston - Galveston

The National Weather Service has issued a Flood Warning in Houston - Galveston, Texas.
The Flood Warning continues for The Trinity River near Riverside.
Moderate flooding is occurring and Moderate flooding is forecast. At 07:33 PM Sunday, the flood stage was 136.5 feet. The official flood stage is 133.5 feet.
The river will continue rising to near 136.8 feet by Thursday evening then begin falling.
IMPACT: at 136.8 feet, moderate lowland flooding continues as the approaches to the FM 3478 bridge upstream of the gage are inundated and impassable. The lowest homes in the Green Rich Shores Subdivision are flooded with up to one half foot of water. Thomas Lake Road remains flooded and the lowest roads into properties off FM 980 northwest of Riverside are inundated and impassable.
The alert area covers Polk; San Jacinto; Trinity; Walker.
The warning remains in effect until further notice or until the warning is canceled.


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