Flood Warning for Mississippi County, Arkansas

The National Weather Service has issued a Flood Warning for Mississippi County, Arkansas.
The Flood Warning continues for the Mississippi River at Osceola.
MAJOR Flooding is forecast in the warned area. At 7 PM Sunday the stage was 26.9 feet. The river is forecast to rise above flood stage Monday February 11 and continue to rise to near 37.0 feet by Wednesday February 20.The river will fall below flood stage by Friday March 01. the official flood stage is 28.0 feet.
IMPACT: At stages of 37.0 feet, In Tennessee, houses along west part of Grammer Road are flooding, and evacuation is cut. The south end of Grainery Road is inundated. Homesteads along Highway 19 West just east of T. Rossinger Road are going under water. Shoaf Landing Road is flooding. Farmstead on Island 37 floods.
The warning remains in effect from Monday February 11 until Friday March 01 2019.

SITUATION UPDATE 2/21/2019: MAJOR flooding is occurring. The river rose above flood stage and will continue rising to near 39.0 feet by Wednesday February 27. The river will fall below flood stage Monday March 11.
IMPACT:  At stages of 39.0 feet, in Tennessee, Highway 19 is flooded at Conner Road cutting off evacuations west of that intersection. Crawford Road East is under water at places. Trailer settlement south of Coker Slough is covered. House on east end of Outbounds Road is flooding.
Moore Farmstead is being covered. Houses on Cash Road are flooding. Hunting camp on  unrise Towhead is beginning to flood. Farmstead on Sniper Island west of Herring Hill road is going under water. In Arkansas, farmstead at Tomato is under water.

The warning has been extended to expire on Monday, 3/11/2019.

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