Eight wildfires started across Southern Alberta, Canada





FINAL UPDATE: The fires are now under control, as evacuees are allowed to return to their homes.

UPDATE 8 : The flames are fuelled by high winds and are affecting the Chimney Rock Road (area of Ranchland). The low visibility is affected by the heavy smoke and the traffic conditions are delayed.

UPDATE 7: Another wildfire continues to burn out of control Southwest of Nanton. The extremely high winds are pushing the flames southwards of Acme and is putting the residents at risk.

UPDATE 6: The wind has helped spread a prairie fire to 975 hectares, west of Claresholm, in the Calgary area. People living along Chimney Rock Road and the west side of Highway 22 south to Highway 520 were evacuated. Heavy smoke makes it dangerous to drive in the area.

UPDATE 5: One firefighter died while battling one of the many fires. Several homes had been affected by the blaze.

UPDATE 4: Two men from southwestern Saskatchewan were injured while trying to fight the wildfires. The fires in that area have now been contained.

UPDATE 3: Residents of the village of Hilda, which is about 400 km of Calgary, have been instructed to evacuate to Medicine Hat, as the fire could affect this area.

UPDATE 2: The fires also affect the Saskatchewan province near its border with Alberta. The town of Leader has been evacuated.

UPDATE 1: The fire alerts for Acadia Valley, Airdrie, Empress, Lethbridge have been lifted.

Multiple evacuation orders have been issued for several communities in Alberta. Eight wildfires are active across Southern Alberta, in Canada. High winds help fan the flames from the foot hills in the West to the Saskatchewan border in the east. The area is currently under a wind warning, with gusts of 90 to 100 km/h.

Cities that are been affected: Acadia Valley, Airdrie, Coleman, Empress, Gleichen/ Strathmore, Hilda, Lethbridge, Willow Creek/Moon River Estate, Leader in the Saskatchewan province.


More updates are coming soon.



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